Thursday, October 08, 2015

Day 281

A beautiful day for a tour of Orwell Village.  We enjoyed making candles, watching the blacksmith make a hook, a lovely wagon ride and socializing with our extended group of homeschool friends.
This place is just so beautiful.  There is a gorgeous view every way you turn!

This little goat was quite the ham and loved all the attention.

Mr. Ben looking very much the part.

The blacksmith hard at work.

After our time at Orwell we made a quick dash out to see the MacGregors one last time before they head back to Quebec tomorrow.  I just had to have a picture of me and Jackie.  She is one of my besties and I just love the time we spend together. It's hard to say good-bye but at least we've made plans to chat throughout the coming months.

Jackie, I'll be praying for you and your family.  You are such a beautiful friend and I am so thankful to have you in my life.  May God richly bless you and your family.  Big Hugs!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Day 280

Life sure can get crazy by times. And it can be stressful to the point of forgetting which way is up.  It is good then, to be able to call on a wonderful friend.  She was just the person to dust me off, pick me up and point me in the right direction again.

Things aren't always unicorns and rainbows in this homeschool lifestyle we've chosen and I certainly needed to hear everything my dear friend had to say. Of all the great advice she gave me this evening I was most blessed by her directing me to this psalm.  So much encouragement and love in those words.  Everything I desperately needed to hear.
Thank you so much Gertrude, you have richly blessed me by your friendship!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Day 279

A beautiful day for a hike in the woods with a couple of our homeschool friends. While we did have a lovely time I realized that I am feeling wildly frazzled most of the time these days.  I think we have too much going on and need to step back a bit.  So, for now we're taking a break from our weekly outings with our homeschool group.  We'll miss our time with all our friends but I feel that we really need to regroup and get grounded in our regular homeschool days.

This evening we took Emma-Lyn to her first step-dance class.  She did really well and enjoyed it!  It may seem funny for me to mention that we're taking out our homeschool group time and then in the next breath share about how Emma-Lyn is taking step-dance lessons. Our homeschool group meets through the day which kinda throws the whole day off for us.  And step-dance is in the evening so we can accommodate for that after our regular school stuff is done.  Sean will be taking up curling again soon and all three big kids will be starting AWANA this Thursday.  Things will be busy but hopefully not hectic.

 A feather Sean found in the forest.  Levi and I got another little bird treat.  This time we managed to get five or six chickadees to come check us out.  They were so close we could hear their wings flutter as they flew around us.
 Love the peacefulness of the woods.

 Emma-Lyn learning how to shuffle step.

 Emma-Lyn and her dance teacher, Jordan.  He was my teacher last year.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Day 278

Well, that was one humdinger of a day!  Lets see what did we manage to do today...

Sean baked his first loaf of bread and it was delicious.  Emma-Lyn scrubbed the kitchen floors...just because.  Then they all went out and cleaned the mats with dish soap and water from the hose.  We got our homeschool stuff done.

And then I managed to bust my vacuum in two. Yep, one moment I have one complete and working vacuum and the next I've got two pieces and no more suction. I have some serious vacuum killing abilities apparently...

Then what?  Oh, then there was the time when I put the quinoa on the stove to boil.  I went to the livingroom to tackle Mount Laundry of Epic Proportions and came back just in time to witness some serious smoke come billowing out of my kitchen.  It. Was. Epic. Time to open all the doors and windows and let the neighbours wonder just what it is we do in here all day! It still kinda smells like I had a bonfire in here.

And Sean built this little guy.  Sadly, I think we must have messed up the wiring since we haven't had any luck getting it to move.  Hopefully tomorrow we can sort it out and see the little guy hobble around the table.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Day 277

 What a gorgeous day.  So thankful for more sunshine and warmth.  We enjoyed a lovely morning with our church family which included lunch.  The kids love when we get to have lunch at church and spend extra time with their friends.  They got an extra treat when our friends the MacGregors spent the rest of the day with us.  We had a lovely chat while the children played and once we got Levi up from his nap we were off to the orchard to pick Galas and the last of the Honeycrisps. We all came back to our place for a quick supper of sandwiches, chips and pepper slices.  Then it was back out the door to church for everyone but Levi and I.  He puttered with his dinkies while I tidied the kitchen.

 Friends help pick apples on sunny afternoons.

I could spend hours just walking in the orchard just enjoying the peacefulness it brings.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Day 276

 What an AMAZING day!!  Today our church held the Annual Ladies Missionary Conference and it was fantastic.  Emma-Lyn and I went together and I was so happy to have her there with me.  I chaired the meetings and was involved in a little skit.  I had a LOT of fun!!  The ladies who spoke were fantastic and I really enjoyed singing our theme song.

We sang it before each meeting.  I had never heard it before but I loved the melody and the lyrics!  You can listen to the song at the bottom of this post.

It's interesting having a personal blog, I get to post about everyday life at home and about my loved ones.  But sometimes I have to keep things off the blog until things have been cleared.  And this is one of those times.  My dad has chronic lymphatic leukemia and recently he had a flare up that his medications weren't able to fix.  Yesterday at noon dad had his spleen removed at Victoria General Hospital in Halifax.  His surgery went very well and he came home today and will be recuperating for the next month.  I am very thankful that everything went well and I got to talk to him this evening.

Such a blessing filled day!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Day 275

Another busy day ahead.  We did our apple picking this morning and made some stops before heading home.  On the way I got a little hankering to try out some Porktoberfest tastiness.  We stopped at the Juice Box and I grabbed one of their Porkastic 5 sandwiches.  It looked and tasted amazing!!  Love the fresh ingredients and the bacon was soooo good!!  A great start to Porktoberfest!

And in case you were wondering  the sandwich ingredients are peameal bacon, whiskey chili bacon, apple brined bacon, double smoked bacon, pork belly, homemade smoked red pepper hummus, sunflower sprouts, fresh tomato, ground cherry an onion chutney,PEI potato rosti, alfalfa sprouts on a homemade maple pumpkin bun, garnished with ground cherries and pickled onion.

Need to make some apple muffins this afternoon, get our piano lessons done and help Janet move some chickens!  Fun times!