Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Day 329

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...  The kids were so excited to listen to Christmas music today!  Nate's first words to me were, "We get to listen to Christmas music today!!" They were over the moon when they found out we'd be putting up our Christmas decorations after we got our school stuff done.

Sean and Nate had their piano lessons and Claire and I as well as our daughters practiced our step dancing.  It was a lot of fun.  Looking forward to Friday's practice!

I love the cozy, golden glow of the lights on the Christmas tree.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 328

This is one of my favourite finds from last night's book sale.  I had taken a copy out of our library and just loved it!  Very excited to have it on our own shelves now.  I love that it's Island specific and has so much useful information.

I promised the kids they could turn on Christmas music tomorrow and I think I may even pull out the Christmas decorations too!  Can't wait to see their faces when I haul the boxes out!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 327

So far the bedroom transition is going well.  This morning I came to the boys' room to find Sean changing Levi's diaper--I could get used to that! 

The rest of the morning has been really good.  The forecast was sounding pretty dreary for the day but this morning the sun was attempting to shine and the wind was warm so we went for a walk around the block.  It was fantastic!  It was great to feel the wind on your face and watch the leaves dance in the yard. 

Once we had finished playing outside we came in for poetry and tea time.  Sean and I took turns reading different selections. Always have to read the favourites as well as try out a few new pieces.

We worked on our math and did our map skills pages.  I read more from The Tale of Despereaux and we did our history sketches.  This afternoon after quiet time we'll watch a Planet Earth video and draw a narration picture and we're going to try out our Planet Earth game. And I think it's finally time to take down the birthday decorations. This means that we'll probably be playing some balloon games as well. So glad to be enjoying our homeschooling day together.

 Leaves dancing.

Kids in various stages of climbing the Maple tree.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day 326

It's a very wet and windy kind of Sunday.  Church was going well until Levi got too tired to care and was screaming his fool head off.  This was my cue to take the boy home and put him to bed.  While he snoozed I listened to a Bible study by our friends the Skys.  It was a great way to spend the morning.

After lunch Nate and I went on our date, we picked up his frozen yogurt and my fries and went down to Roma for a little drive.  I love spending one on one time with each of the kids.  You really get a better sense of their unique character.

We decided at lunch time that Levi was finally ready for the switch from his own room to going over to the boy's room.  Emma-Lyn was super pumped to get her own room.  And the boys were pretty pleased to have Levi bunking with them. For the rest of the afternoon we all worked at rearranging the rooms.

This evening, Levi wasn't falling asleep quite as well as we had hoped and the boys were at a bit of a loss as to what to do with him.  I came in and told Levi he had to be quiet and go to sleep.  He wasn't super thrilled with that response.  I thought I'd give him a few minutes and see if he would settle.  He was whimpering and the boys decided to sing to him.  Levi loves music and it was just the trick.  So proud of my big boys for taking care of their little brother like that.  Also really proud of Sean for offering to take the bottom bunk so that he could take better care of Levi.

And here is my favourite pottery piece from yesterday's travels.  I love the colour and that it's a second.  It has little imperfections but it's still so beautiful.  If you're looking for beautiful pottery, I highly recommend Koleszar Pottery.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Day 325

What a grand day!  Marko took the kids to town for the day.  And I enjoyed some time all by myself.   It was refreshing.  I went to a local artisan's pottery shop and picked up some nice pieces.  I also met up with some friends and I received these amazing slippers!

My beautiful friend Simone is wildly talented.  Not only does she knit, but she hoops and even fire hoops, and she homeschools her two wonderful children.  I am so thankful for Simone and her talents.  I just love my new slippers.  They are so comfy, cozy and they have a suede bottom so I won't slip when I'm getting my tea in the morning!  Denise was also at the pottery shop and we came back to my place for a visit before she had to head out.

Later, I went to the Nearly New and found two pairs of pants and a top that I liked. It was ever so nice to shop without wondering what Levi was getting into.

Once I was back home I sat down with some cook books and looked up a few new soup recipes and then did a little colouring.  Such a relaxing and energizing kind of day!  Just what I needed!!

It was great to have the whole family come home again and hear about their adventures with daddy.

Another fun thing Marko and I have discovered...finally--is the at home date night.  I've read about it in articles before but just couldn't see how it would work for us.  But last night when Marko came home from work the kids had just started a movie so while they watched their show, we had our supper.  And it was fantastic.  It was so simple and yet so effective.  We had quiet time, just the two of us over supper.  We'll definitely have to get more home date nights into our schedule!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 324

What a grand play date!  The kids had a blast while my friend and I enjoyed chatting.  We talked about heart issues, homeschool issues, life issues, world issues.  It was fantastic. And I was reminded once again of how important friends are.  Sometimes I don't get to see friends as often as I would like. I am very thankful that when we do get together we make the most of every moment.  So, dear reader if you happen to be a friend--thank you so much for loving me.  I love you all so very much.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day 323

Sometimes you just hit a rough patch traveling down this road we call life. And it isn't all that fun.

 I chose homeschooling and for the most part I love this lifestyle.  But this past week has just been so hard.  I don't know if we've hit the November slump--if that even is a thing-- or we're just needing a little change.  

I've caught myself wondering repeatedly why did we go for this? Most of the time my kids are amazing, fun and upbeat, but then there are times when they're so crazy I think I might just go lock myself in the bathroom and never come out... (although, I've heard that 15 hours in a bathroom can be agonizing...ahem--that's another story.)

I am looking forward to getting our cleaning done tomorrow and then going on a much needed play date.

And like I said, this is just a rough patch, we'll get through this and hopefully be better for it once we're through it.

 Mr. Levi enjoying his brownie.

My very happy Awana kiddos.  I love how much they enjoy this program.  Tonight Emma-Lyn and Nate earned their first badge.  They were ever so chuffed.